by Yuen Ren Chao, Agassiz Professor of Oriental Languages and Literature Emeritus, University of California.

In Chinese characters and Romanization, designed to be read aloud in Sayable Chinese. Volume 1 includes fragment of the author's autobiography. Volume 2, Through the Looking Glass and What Alice Found There. Volume 3, two dramas: The Mollusc, The Wild Rose.

325-4 Book I, cloth, 300 pp $15.00
326-2 Book II, cloth, 296 pp $15.00
327-0 Book 3, cloth, 370 pp $15.00
328-9 Set of 3 books, cloth $45.00
333-5 Cassettes spoken by the author and family Book I $85.00
334-5 Book 2 $65.00
335-1 Book 3 $80.00
336-X Set of cassettes $230.00

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