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Debit or Credit - which to use?

We've combined the convenience of an ATM card with the power of the VISA logo to create the ACMG VISA Debit Card.  It's the card that acts like a check!  Our VISA Debit Card is available FREE of charge to members with an active ACMG Checking Account in good standing. 

Benefits include:

  • No annual fee
  • No finance charges
  • No checkbook or cash to carry
  • Purchases are deducted from your checking account (not applied against a credit card)
  • Easy record keeping (your purchases show up in detail on your monthly checking account statement)
  • Use it for purchases (with your PIN) at participating merchants and get cash back, avoiding ATM fees and surcharges
  • Process it as a credit card for added security when making purchases, and when online you can use Verified by VISA

Now Get Rewards!
Each time you use your debit card and choose the credit option, you'll be earning Reward Points!

How it works...

  • Members who process their debit card transactions as credit (signature-based) will earn one point for each $2 spent.
  • Points can be redeemed online at 
  • Points are good for 4 years.
    Exciting Reward Choices
  • Adventure 
  • Entertainment 
  • Luxury Merchandise
  • Travel (airline, hotel, car rental, cruises)

This rewards program only applies to purchases made using the credit option.  Funds will still come from your share draft checking account.  We hope you enjoy this new benefit of your ACMG VISA Debit Card.  To redeem your points and to see the many rewards that are available to choose from, visit

Ready for your ACMG Debit Card?
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