Long-Term Care Insurance

The purpose of Long-Term Care Insurance (LTCi) is to cover the cost of daily living care, in a facility or at home, for those who are disabled for a prolonged period due to illness, disease or the effects of aging. On average, one out of every two people will need LTC at some point in their life and the average yearly cost is now over $70,000 for this type of care.

As an ACMG member, you and your family are eligible for a 10% discount if you qualify for LTCi.

What can Long Term Care Insurance do for you?

  • Provide independent health care choices
  • Provide financial assistance when you need it most
  • Protect retirement assets, thus avoiding a financial hardship
  • Remove the financial & emotional burden from you, your parents or your children

Please contact Melissa Spicer, your Long-Term Care Consultant, at 315.415.2043 for more information.