Direct Deposit/Payroll Deduction

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Direct Deposit
Never stand in line again. With direct deposit, your paycheck is automatically deposited into the ACMG account of your choice. It’s safe & secure, fast & convenient - and best of all, it’s free.

To activate Direct Deposit:

  • Paychecks, Pension or Military Checks - Contact the company making deposits for you.
  • Social Security or SSI Checks - Visit the Go Direct website to learn more (sponsored by the U.S. Treasury & Federal Reserve).

In most cases, a simple form with our Routing & Transit Number and your account information is all it takes to get started!  Please contact your payroll department or any helpful ACMG Member Service Representative for more details on how to get setup. 

Payroll Deduction
Got direct deposit?  If so, then you should consider adding Payroll Deduction too!  Payroll Deduction is an automated method to allocate funds from your direct deposit paycheck or social security check, to any of your ACMG accounts that you designate (i.e.savings, checking, IRA Accumulator, etc.).  You can even allocate funds to automatically pay on ACMG loans that you have with the credit union (i.e. car loan, VISA Credit Card)!

Avoid the mistake of forgetting to make that car loan payment or depositing enough money into your checking account to cover outstanding checks.  Sign-up for Direct Deposit and Payroll Deduction today!

For more information about Direct Deposit & Payroll Deduction, please submit an Online Request Form.  Or simply call or stop into any branch location to speak with a helpful ACMG Member Service Representative.